Workflow Diagram for JMIR Paper

For a recent Natural Language Processing paper, I have created a workflow diagram showcasing how the data was processed. The paper was published in the Journal for Medical Internet Research: Bekhuis T, Kreinacke M, Spallek H, Song M, O’Donnell JA. Using Natural Language Processing to Enable In-depth Analysis of Clinical Messages Posted to an Internet Mailing List: A Feasibility Study. J Med Internet Res 2011;13(4):e98 doi: 10.2196/jmir.1799 PMID: 22112583. The actual workflow includes a sequence of machine-based steps and human classification of NLP-discovered phrases and is freely accessible as “Figure 1. Workflow for finding clinically relevant messages posted to an Internet mailing list.” The co-authors provided input on various iterations, starting with paper drawings, until we finally arrived at the version which has been published. All elements were created in Photoshop using vector graphics providing the option for high resolution export.